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      Mechanical Attachment

      • DRUM DOLLY DD500

        DRUM DOLLY DD500

        Drum Dolly DD500 - Unit weight: 6.5kg - Safe working load: 500kg - Equipped with four castor wheels - Surface…

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      • Working Platform GZBT

        Working Platform GZBT

        Working Platform GZBT - Secure, reliable and suitable for working at height - With a simple and practical mesh chassis…

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      • Crane Hook CH2000

        Crane Hook CH2000

        Forklift crane hook for mounting on fork arms. Available in stock with capacities 2, 5 and 8 Ton. We also…

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      • Oil Spill Bin

        Oil Spill Bin

        - It is suitable for safe storage and filling for 200L round barrel, and can be used on storing flammable,…

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      • Snow Plough SSP

        Snow Plough SSP

        Snow Plough SSP A snow plough allows you to easily clear snow and is an ideal attachment to ensure your…

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      • Loader Crane Jib

        Loader Crane Jib

        The crane jib is designed with a focus on reliability and safety. All our crane jibs have a safety stop…

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      • Hydraulic Telescopic Jib

        Hydraulic Telescopic Jib

        The Hydraulic Telescopic Jib has been designed, developed and built to give outstanding long service with minimum maintenance required and…

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      • Fixed Jib FJS

        Fixed Jib FJS

        The Fixed Jib allows for addtional lifting height with the extension beam being raised above the fork pockets. The overall…

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      • Big Bag Lifter BBF1500A

        Big Bag Lifter BBF1500A

        Big Bag Lifter BBF1500A Big bag lifter with telescoping arm for easy and safe handling of large big bags. We…

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