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      • Heavy Duty Storage Box

        Heavy Duty Storage Box

        - Storage Boxes are available in two sizes and have been designed for the secure handling of heavy weight components/parts…

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      • Storing Cage PCT-02

        Storing Cage PCT-02

        Application - It is a versatile and stackable storing cage,designed for storing or carrying bulk or packed goods - The…

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      • Steel storage Tray Sl4

        Steel storage Tray Sl4

        Application - It is suitable for safe storage and filling for 200L round barrel, and can be used on storing…

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      • Goods Cage PCM

        Goods Cage PCM

        Application – The goods cage which is of usual size,used to meet storing demands in warehouses or other occasions.It can…

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      • Goods Cage CSPN

        Goods Cage CSPN

        Application – This Goods Cage CSPN is able to safely carry bulk or packed goods by using forklift or crane…

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      • Brick Cage BSN6

        Brick Cage BSN6

        - Suitable for 1200mm square pallets - 4 points lift - Outer frame size:1340×1340×1720(H)mm - Mesh spacing:75×75mm - Flatpack size:1750×1370×475mm…

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