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      Fork Spreader

      • Crane Hook CH2000

        Crane Hook CH2000

        Forklift crane hook for mounting on fork arms. Available in stock with capacities 2, 5 and 8 Ton. We also…

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      • Fork Spreader

        Fork Spreader

        The fork spreader is manufactured with a load guard,giving additional protection and capacity.This unit is more suited to where higher…

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      • Crane Hook CLC1500

        Crane Hook CLC1500

        Application - Mounted on single fork with self-fastened function - Supplied with swivel safety hook and alloy shackle - Surface…

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      • Crane Hook CLC3000

        Crane Hook CLC3000

        Application - Mounted on dual forks with self-fastened function and extendable intine - Supplied with swivel safety hook and alloy…

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