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      Special Attachment

      • Tyre Clamp E-Series

        Tyre Clamp E-Series

        Designed for tyres handling and stacking operations and applied wildly in tyre manufactures´╝îwarehouse?and logistic transportation companies. Lateral sliding arm design…

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      • Hydraulic Dirt Bucket

        Hydraulic Dirt Bucket

        Application - Realizing both forward and backward tipping through hydraulic cylinder, this bucket is suitable for loading - A blade…

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      • Tyre Clamp Rotating

        Tyre Clamp Rotating

        Application -Used for handling and stacking tyres -360┬░rotating design to handle tyres that are placed vertically and horizontally -Sideshifting design…

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      • Tyre Handler

        Tyre Handler

        Tyre handler is suitable for the handling, installation and removal of large tyres. The integral sideslip function of the tire…

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      • Tri-Lateral Head Unit

        Tri-Lateral Head Unit

        Application -Used to move load from side to side of the forklift -Reduce aisle space and increase storage space -Residual…

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      • Steel Pipe Clamp

        Steel Pipe Clamp

        Steel pipe clamp can efficiently handle and stack hard, long cylindrical products like pipes under normal?temperature without pallet. Widely used…

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      • Single Double Pallet Handler

        Single Double Pallet Handler

        Enable operator to move forks to handle 1 or 2 loads at one time to improve productivity. Be able to…

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      • Load Stabilizer

        Load Stabilizer

        Application -Used to press down and stabilize load during transportation of goods to prevent damage -Available in differed pad sizes,…

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      • Hydraulic Fork Carriage

        Hydraulic Fork Carriage

        Hydraulic Fork Carriage Allow operator to move forks wider or closer by hydraulic system, to lift loads on the pallet…

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      • Hydraulic Dock Leveler

        Hydraulic Dock Leveler

        - Height-adjustable platform used as a bridge between dock and truck,dock Leveler eradicates the problem of bridging the gap between…

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