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      Bale Clamp

      Bale clamp applies efficiently and economically handling、stacking or rotating nearly any type of baled products including cotton wool, synthetic, textile bales, corrugated, newsprint, rag, hay, metal and other scrap bales in palletless operation condition. Commonly equipped in industries as paper mill material recycling, railway transportation, logistic warehouse, port, textile and related.

      Aiming at the heavy-duty operating conditions in the handling and stacking of waste paper bags and pulp bags, Longhe Intelligent has strengthened the structure and strength of the relevant parts of the product on the basis of the performance of ordinary soft bag clamps, and added protective measures for the cylinder parts. As a result, an enhanced soft pack clamp is derived to adapt to the harsh working environment of the job site. The structure of the reinforced soft bag clamp is similar to that of the ordinary soft bag clamp. It also adopts a laterally movable clamp arm, which can make the clamping and side movement more smoothly. With its high efficiency, economy, durability and safety, it is widely used at present The occasions for handling, stacking and boxing of waste paper and pulp bags, such as papermaking, recycling companies, railway transportation, logistics warehouses, docks and other related industries.

      The size of the clamp arm of the reinforced soft pack clamp, the style of the inner ribs of the clamp arm (round steel, rebar, square steel, serrated bar), and the range of the maximum and minimum inner spacing when the clamp arm is opened (opened, closed) All are designed according to the customer’s working conditions. Ordinary soft pack clamps and reinforced soft pack clamps can be equipped with side shifting, rotating and other functions on the basis of the basic clamping functions according to the customer’s operating requirements.



      1. Durable overall structure, high visibility, easy operating.

      2. There are ribs on the inside of the splint to increase the friction coefficient and facilitate the clamping of the goods.

      3. Ordinary soft pack clamps use aluminum alloy guide grooves to reduce the weight of the product and increase the life of the forklift.

      4. The reinforced soft pack clamp adopts steel guide groove, which has a compact structure and large carrying capacity.

      5. Using composite material sliding support, light weight, high strength, good wear resistance, and effectively protect the guide groove and T-beam.

      6. The arm base of the clamp arm is cast from alloy steel with good toughness and can be used under various harsh working conditions.

      7. The valve body type is used to move sideways, which can move left and right, which is convenient for operation.

      8. It is equipped with a pressure maintaining valve, which can prevent the cargo from falling off when the oil circuit of the forklift is depressurized, which is safe and reliable.

      9. The design of hydraulic components is reasonable, so that the hydraulic system is well protected.

      10. The valve core is selected from an internationally renowned brand, which has good sealing, pressure retention and stable performance.

      11. Pipes from world’s well known brand. Strong flexibility, high pressure and high temperature resistance, anti-aging, explosion-proof and long service life.


      * Any inquiry, feel free to contact us!

      ?Tel: +86 597 5639061/5639062

      ?Email: sales@longheglobal.com

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