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      Pusher attachments are designed for palletless loads for handling and stacking purpose. With the pallet that owns rectangular opening grooves, forks in version of round bar or blat bar enter the grooves of pallet. Lifting the loads up without pallet while forklift carriage raise, pushing out the loads at the final buying and maintenance. Mainly used in industries such as petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical logistic, powder and any other industries that with loads packed in bags.


      The pusher carrying goods is mostly string rods with a round bar or flat bar, which are generally used in conjunction with comb pallets. In view of the diversity of users and the specific requirements of the site, the pusher can choose to configure other different functional options in addition to the inherent push functions, such as sideshift function, upper stabilization function, lateral stability function, roll prong or fork is foldable, without roll prongs or forks, etc. At the same time, the shape and quantity of roll prongs or forks can be customized according to the actual working conditions of the customer.



      1. Durable overall structure, high visibility, easy operating;

      2. The toothed baffle on the push plate reduces the gap between push frame and fork ,which can avoids cargo damage.

      3. Low maintenance cost;

      4. Each joint part adopts maintenance-free and oil-free lubrication shaft sleeve, which is easy to maintain and increase service life;

      5. Alloy connecting pin provide high strength and long service life;

      6. Scissor frame with good strength, strong rigidity and good synchronization;

      7. Pipes from world’s well known brand. Strong flexibility, high pressure and high temperature resistance, anti-aging, explosion-proof and long service life.


      Longhe Intelligent is committed to solving the problems of logistics and handling. To different applications, We provide multiple kinds of solutions for handling, loading & unloading purpose.

      * Any inquiry, feel free to contact us!

      ?Tel: +86 597 5639061/5639062

      ?Email: sales@longheglobal.com

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